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Photo Policy

We allow customers to take casual photographs and videos of their visit for personal use. If you are coming to our farm for the purpose of taking photos for commercial use or profit, please contact us at 845-545-5997.

The photography guidelines are intended for all customers and visitors, but a scheduled appointment is necessary for anyone who hopes to use our farm as a backdrop for posed or commercial photography. This includes engagement, family, senior pictures, prom or any photos taken for profit or bartering.

General Photography Guidelines/Videography Guidelines:

  • Photography sessions must be during normal business hours unless given special permission by the owners. Additional fees may apply if requesting access to our farm outside of our business hours.

  • All photos must be taken from our flower field. Access to other areas must be discussed and agreed on beforehand. Additional fees my apply.

  • Please check in with our staff when you arrive.

  • Photography sessions must not interfere with the enjoyment of other customers or create any safety concerns.

  • Please provide credit to Social Island any photos taken during the session that are posted on social media must identify the location as Social Island, 939 Pulaski Highway, Goshen, NY.

We put a lot of time and energy into creating a picture perfect backdrop for your enjoyment and for photography opportunities which is why we charge for professional photography. We do not provide the photographer; this charge is for photography access only.

Photo session fees:

$75 for 30 minute session

$130 for 90 minute session

$250 for mini sessions up to an hour

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